i am hat

I'm a 17 year old millennial and I love things that are cute!!

This website has been online for a couple seconds! Why did I make this site?? Because I saw Ryan making his and I steal all his good ideas!

I am an unstoppable twitter transplant! Watch out!! I just might argue with you over something inconsequential あああああああああ

I disabled comments on my neocities profile because neocities is social media for people who wish they were online in 2001. I would disable my entire profile except the update feed if I could.

Click on my Hina NFT for my microblog! Here's my RSS feed for site updates and also click the bee for a REALLY good time!!! Seriously do it!!!

my claims to fame

my hobbies

computer informations

What am I running?!? A computer I've been upgrading periodically since 2011. His name is Casper. Last upgrade: 2016 and still chugging on. Somehow, I have become a triple monitor gal!

I am using Debian MATE (luv GNOME 2 4ever) and Windows 7. I keep my old Win7 install up in case I need to use anything in Adobe CS6 or put music on my retarded iPhone. I use ffmpreg for video editing. I used to use nbs-irc on Windows, but I use irssi now. You can find me in #4chan.

My current music player is Clementine, but I'm not a fan. foobar2000 will be my true love for life!!! (pls port to linux) I have no headphones after all my earbuds broke. Music has been erased from my life since that day.

I use a IBM Model M. I have no interest in collecting or modern mechanical keyboards but if you want to come clean my keycaps we can work something out. They are disgusting.

My first tablet is a Wacom Bamboo Fun medium (CTE-650). I used it religiously for around 10 years and I still have it safe and sound! Photoshop CS6 was my art program of choice. As of August 2023, I own a Cintiq 16 and am using a drifting joycon as a remote. My advice is to skip installing joycond and install qjoypad if you want to steal my set up. I highly recommend reusing a drifting joycon! I'm using Krita/Inkscape/GIMP atm.

I started writing this site in Pluma, but Ryan convinced me to try VS Code. Okay okay I admit it is better than pluma. Most of this site was written in VSCode....

My switch friend code is SW-6150-1275-0445. I'll accept just about anyone who sends a request even 10 year olds on splatoon 2.

My sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking 6460. It half works sometimes. I bought it for $20 at a yard sale. Is anyone even coming here for sewing machine info?? This is definitely not a computer.


Please use the contact info on my main site

Do Not Interact


I was born Altaria sun, Cassiopeia moon, Dipster descending, under a red cross.


annoying stamp collection

and always remember

There are no girls on the internet.