family portrait

December 4, 2023

I slept in too long this morning and made myself a fuzzy head sleepy day. Whoops...

A couple days ago, I realized I haven't taken a family portrait since March! This is also the first one where I didn't have to take a second shot without Praline so I could post it on DoA. Between these, I replaced Liam's wig that I just couldn't get into and turned Grassy into my bunny son. Grassy became Cheby's 3rd tormenter, behind me and Rio.

Family portraits are always really fun to take! Between trying to get eye contact from 10 dolls, making sure paper-white Praline and tan Verona and Rio are still visible, brushing Rio's hair 10 times, making sure the furthest doll and frontmost doll are in focus, it's a lot of work. I really wanted to be more open than f/8, but I couldn't even open up a click more and keep both Hina and Praline in focus. I couldn't manage to get my ringlight out of the reflection so please enjoy Liam's extra romantic glance.

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