i really dont have much to say about anime

Asobi Asobase

it had some very good points, specifically fujiwara's gag. the rest isnt particularly memorable.


its okay. i wont write home about it but i enjoyed it.

Clannad After Story

i wrote home about it. the real sh*t starts here

Di Gi Charat

the original unattractive aidoru. lots of toilet humor.

Eureka seveN

i loved this show in middle school and rewatched it in 2021 (in like a week too). it was so much fun! some parts were slow but power through! holland is still on my crush list 15 years later.

Evangelion Rebuild movies

Shinji died for your sins.

Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya

it was cute but i felt like a pedo for watching it. didn't keep going past season 1 because of it. this is the only fate media i have ever consumed and i'm going to keep it that way

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Childen

It's very pretty but what is the plot???


i dont think these girls have more than 5 braincells but god they are cute


tiny girl with slightly above average intelligence amazes everyone with some basic reasoning skills.

i love detectives, cute girls, cute boys, love stories, and big dresses, so everything about this anime is right up my alley. now i want both the kazuya and victorique dollfies

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

this proves you dont have to be good at anything to make a hit series. i had fun watching it!

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

it wasnt good.

the iDolM@sTer (2011)

these girls are wonderful and i love them

The Idolmaster Cinderlla Girls

this "producer" is the most socially retarded man ive ever seen on the big screen. i know hes just a self insert but jesus hes not a character.

i like how they picked the most maladjusted characters for the main cast

can we get ARM to make some new imas tunes again??

nina is my favorite girl and nation blue is probably the best song that appears in the show

Infinite Stratos

basic harem anime. boring. groanworthy.


5 idiots discuss nothing important. would recommend


if you haven't seen this wtf are you doing. best anime of all time. I cry every time.


one man destroys himself trying to hide something insignificant. probably an autobiography. the manga is exactly the same as the anime so take your pick of medium. i love this show.

if you hate all the gags from SZS, this one may be safe for you. it's a lot more wholesome. Still has all the fun of Kumeta's art style!


a story about women who learn they are beautiful. pick up the manga where the anime leaves off! the anime ending was abrupt and didn't actually solve any of the problems...

Kyoukai no Kanata

I don't remember much about this show but every time the idol scene shows up on i think "this show was f*cking stupid"

girls were cute though! as usual for a kyoani

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!

i cant believe i got through 2 episodes of this. exactly as bad as the title implies.

Love Live Season 1

i've never been more infurated by an ending before. honestly it was pretty impressive! don't forget to give up your dreams to play make believe in high school my dudes.

Lucky Star

god i love minoru shiraishi. Best EDs were every one he sang on the cliffside.

Mawaru Penguindrum

"make terrorists hot again"

guess my penguindrum crush. i dare you.

before keion, this was my favorite anime

Monogatari series

how could they make an anime just about talking interesting to watch? well they did. my favorite girl is hachikuji.

The best OP was Koimonogatari (Duet Version).

Neon Genesis Evangelion

shinji-kun has got it rough. i like kaworu. hes cute

New Game

A show that makes me wish I had a job at an extremely sexist game studio. I ALSO want to only employ cute girls. Not as much drama as working with real life 19 year olds. Oddly enough, they don't hang out a ton outside of work. But they also never leave work so I guess that makes sense.

It was sad to see some corporate f*ckery screw Aoba over. Life isn't all donuts and rice crackers after all.

The number of fanservice shots is far too high once you start season 2. I do NOT want to see the girls' crotches that much THANK YOU. Hajime could also use a little more clothes but at least they made a joke about that. There's a pretty undeniable yuri crush/relationship but nothing offensive to people who aren't into yuri.

Maybe I don't want to work at Eagle Jump after all... but I am ready for season 3!! Soujirou best boy



Non Non Biyori

classic slice of life! good old times out in the middle of nowhere

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

this anime was a really good time. even with all the panty gags. it's very sad they did not finish it. Shaft can let their animators go nuts all they want imo. i love how they stayed consistent with kumeta's style.

awesome OPs and EDs. probably some of the top ones of all time. the ootsuki kenji songs are all great

Seirei no Moribito

i normally don't watch MPREG but I think this one was fun to watch! I sang the OP every time to ryans dismay. a few months after watching i still am hoping to see what happens next while preparing dinner and am sad every time i realize it's over.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

jesus chrust how many times have i watched the same cels be reused with different voice script. this anime would have been worth watching if it was a 1/3rd of the length.


greatest love story ever told. is that the meme right?? i like his mom.

but seriously i do like this show a lot

Violet Evergarden

im pretty sure i cried every episode. i will not show this to ryan or watch it with anyone around.

Yuri on Ice

i was not prepared for what was going to happen.

Yurikuma Arashi

after i got past the "gaogao" i enjoyed it


3 girls learn how to google. now available on bluray and dvd


this anime made me cry multiple times because i was laughing so hard.

When Marnie Was There

Is Marnie like an actual name?? I've never met anyone named Marnie in my life. It was a cute movie and Sayaka was the best character. I had to roll my eyes when they had to spell out the twist.


this anime inspired me to get a job. the anime makes it look more fun than it is.

The World Only God Knows

imagine Light Yagami playing a visual novel on a firetruck. Elsie is the best imouto <3