ih louis
real skin
default faceup
received december 21 2009

mg ryu on iplehouse old yid body
white skin
faceup by Ladious
received september 27, 2010

mirodoll mika
normal skin
no faceup
received may 24 2014

Annie May
custom DDH-06 on DDS body, small bust
normal skin
faceup by Pleiades Room
body received march 27 2014
head received march 31 2014

bf sarang
normal skin
default faceup
received april 26 2010

charlotte "#420"
unoa 1.0 lusis
faceup by me
received november 4 2013

leila "trap-kun" de la valentine
name courtesy of sai
bf sf hana (head 2)
normal skin
faceup by squishtaru
received july 20 2012

fl ltf leah
normal skin
default faceup
received february 12 2010

olivia and sophie
bc tan elf charity body v2
tan skin
default faceup
oliva received march 27 2009
sophie received november 4 2009

fl puki ante
normal skin
default faceup
received april 3 2011