W.T. Snacks-tan

Epic Meme lol XDDDD

Worn at: Radcon 2012, Radcon 2013, Sakuracon 2013

After doing moot-tan and having some pics posted online, someone suggested I do Snacks-tan as well. The wig I used is the same as my Derpy Hooves wig. I bought the sweater and painted the T on it in fabric paint. The skirt was the same I used for moot-tan. After the first con, it started to turn into party snax-tan.

Radcon 2013 revisions: Remade the W to be smaller (the big one cracked as well), added shuttershades, changed the ankle socks to thigh highs.

Sakuracon 2013 revisions: New shorter wig (Same as alice wig).