hat's apology post

June 24, 2022

I promised you all, this very same month, that I wouldn't buy more pens. I walked into a store, saw a pen for $4, and bought it. I am so sorry.

It's a pink Pilot Petit1. It was so cute, so small, so pink... The nib feels a lot cheaper than my kakuno. It feels scratchy and looks much closer to a shaped slab of stainless steel. I can't imagine my kakuno has an amazing nib either so this one must just not be impressive in the slightest. I plan to leave it in my purse and I'll fill it with lovely violet scented ink once I use up this (also cute) pink ink.

It was relatively easy to pass up all the cool inks at the shop once I remembered they don't smell. I saw preppies and kawecos and lamys for the first time but none of them stood out terribly. the kawecos were much smaller and lighter than i had expected. I did want to get a refillable brush pen but I didn't have enough time to research. Maybe I'll get to go back or maybe i'll just use a waterbrush.

none of these are from a thrift store but i'm documenting them anyway so i can remind myself what of junk i'm filling my house with

And a thrift store haul, but not mine! most of it is for me though...