the return of hat

July 7, 2022

Seattle haul?!? kohi and i (and both of our bfs) went to seattle for some shopping! we ditched the boys for most of the trip (or did they ditch us?)

driving into u district, i spotted a sign for an art supply store UNDER petco?! idk how ive never noticed it before. i used to live in this neighborhood and never thought twice about it. it was even the petco i bought 3 of my marimo at! we did our rounds of the ave and then checked it out. it was HUGE and they had so much stuff!!

but, kohi and I were all hyped up to go to blick. so we held out at the art supply store in the university district. it was a huge mistake! the one in the u district was so much bigger even though it was slightly over blick's online prices. we got to blick 30 minutes before closing. i scrambled to search out gouache paints and pastels while kohi picked out alcohol markers. they didnt actually have any of the items i has picked out earlier online and the gouache singles were out of my price range. i only ended up getting pastel singles because of it. i guess i'll just stick with my $5 gouache set for now. oh well.

i did get to go back to kinokuniya as well but i panicked and wasn't able to pick anything else out. the UW bookstore actually had a fountain pen section as well as way more art supplies than i expected. they had the rose scented ink which was very tempting...

and check out ryan's book haul!

fourth of july crab boil happened again! i look forward to it every year. the crabs were so fresh this year that i got to interact with them. my dinner looked back at me and i'm not sure i liked it.

it was delicious though. sorry crabs.

embarrassingly large thrift store haul. i was shocked when she told me the total and even double checked my reciept but no... i did go insane. the little things add up so fast. also bd/dvd were bogo

the reason i bought the pen junk bag was two matching parker pens inside. they are rather cute even if they are an ugly green. one is slightly smaller than the other.