fran hat's confession

August 7, 2022

i hate to admit this after so much talking about not needing another doll after hina, but i bought another doll. it's a highly recasted one, so i'm a little freaked out about it, but everything about the listing looks real. i dont know how people buy secondhand dolls anymore. this is terrifying! it didnt used to be this way.

she's blank so I've been trying to design a faceup for her. i did one and it ended up looking like a clown... not quite the look i want for her. i'll keep trying.

hopefully she'll both show up and be legit. i am thankful for painless transactions... I'm really excited for her because i only have one doll right now that I'm willing to wipe and repaint! it's so fun to customize these dolls

i've been working on a halter top bodice for hina and i ran into a patterning error where i had to handsew and i kinda... didnt want to handsew so i didnt touch it for 2 weeks. I actually got my needle out and did it a couple days ago so maybe I'll make some progress again.

here are some "finds"!

is anyone here even old enough to remember when you had to text a number and pay $5 to get a ringtone? times have changed!