old hat new tricks

August 29, 2022

Today was a big day of digging through hard drives. I knew I had my old sites somewhere! Somewhere!! but where? They weren't on my externals so I went through my hard drives, which are all on their last legs.

On HDD 4/5, I found it! And another personal site I'd completely forgotten I made. I've censored and uploaded them all to the (new!) archive so feel free to check them out!

I fixed a few pages that were like really??? It only takes like 2 seconds to put that image in. It's crazy how little content there is though.

I've labeled all my hard drives now so they'll be easier to look through next time. I thought I had everything backed up but clearly I didn't. I now have 0 (zero) HDD in my desktop. Feels strange. Am I living in the future?!

Now where do I store my stack of 5 failing but not dead hard drives?

We dug through a huge pile of loose CDs... There were a few more I wanted in there but they were more scratched than I was willing to take a chance on. It's so weird to me someone would leave 100+ CDs loose in a pile but they obviously didn't care because they just donated them anyway. There were even multiple autographed CDs from a particlar artist.