big day at the hat house

September 17, 2022

After an excessive amount of posing and doll smooching, I have created a new family portrait. Nearly all of my BJD and adjacent dolls are in this one! Olivia is missing because she's with her twin at my mom's house.

You can really see how desperate I am for wigs. All the 6-7 head size dolls need a new one as well as all 3 of my boys!

JUST LOOK at how tall Rio is. This is insane!! He's just towering above my DD!

I used my TV and mini HDMI cable again. This is by far the easiest way to get eye contact. The only issue is me being in front of the camera and blocking the view of the doll. It's 200x easier than guess and check though. I highly recommend this method!

Here's a shot with the 2 year expired instax film I bought the other day! Somehow everyone made it in the photo.

I took a break from doll kissing to... visit the thrift store. Sorry.

Wang Chung's Points on the Curve did not rip at all. It's very sad! I was really excited for that one! Everything else seemed to go through without too much issue. I found out the Coldplay album is live so that's trash. I hate live albums. I had to swap my DVD drive's sata cable but that fixed all my issues. I very smartly left the old one in so that I will think my next drive that I plug into it is broken. This is how I add excitement to my life.

I really haven't watched many Wang Chung music videos so I did that this morning. They really aren't nearly as attractive as Hall and Oates but they definitely put out a lot of bangers. I took a closer look at Howard Jones and he's really not that good looking either... but his hair! his hair was so awesome!! I desperately want to reproduce his haircut for one of my boys. Will it be liam?! Someone's getting a d*ng tiny ponytail side shave mullet but it wont be hina.

Do you ever think "oh! It would be fun to make a kinoko juice webring!" and then realize it would just be you and pompon again? doll lovers rise up pls.