new outfit 4 cheby

October 5, 2022

Can you believe it? My beautiful girl has made her NFT debut!! I installed her on my webpage so you all can see her. Please click her to find my RSS feed!

I'm using Newsboat to view my feeds. I had not opened it in so long that I had to google "linux terminal rss reader" to figure out what I already had installed. RSS seems like a really dumb way to start microblogging but I will control myself for now.

I just learned about the new J Biebz album! I heard a song I didn't recognize on the radio and thought "wow that sounds just like the biebz but this song wasn't on his last album". I looked it up and... I missed a whole album last year?! I had no idea! Fake fan am I right??

Ryan told me to listen to it on youtube before I ran out to buy it. I did and I won't be buying it outside of a thrift store. My review of this album is: Justin Bieber will die in the next 10 years due to suicide or overdose. This is a cry for help.

But seriously my biggest turn off was him singing about weed 🤮

I had designed a cute fall dress to make with my leaf pattern fabric from blog 107!! And then I went and made a yukata out of it. No one stopped me! I used H=54, WS=45, and SL=13.2 for this one. I am so incredibly thankful to my past self for making the tutorial on it because I could not remember how to do it. I also used my machine a lot more so it didn't take 5000 hours of hand stitching.

I made this for Cheby, but to be completely honest, I wanted Hina to be able to wear it too. It is sewn as a women's yukata because of that. I made a promise to never crossdress him when I got him but that was over quick. Sorry, cheby.

The SD13B body makes me dislike the oYID body more and more. He's more stiff and his fingers feel like sausages next to SD13! I really really want to replace Liam's body now. I don't think Cheby is on the long leg body so maybe it'll be okay if I find a WS long leg SD13B body. Cheby is in platform boots in this photo, but their heights aren't noticeably off.