is this.... japanese kabedon?!

October 18, 2022

I found out the new Barbie movie is nearly a year away from release! I can't handle not seeing platinum blonde 41 year old Ryan Gosling in a western outfit any longer!!! July 2023, come soon!!

Did anyone else watch The Dark Knight? I'm really a big fan of the Batman x Joker kabedon scene. Definitely check that part out if you haven't already.

I tried some heart bokeh after seeing some barrel shaped bokeh in The Dark Knight. My first two tries didn't work very well. On my 3rd try, I cut out a leaf. It didn't work perfectly but it was fun and looks cool.

I made a new tshirt for Liam! I had a pattern already made up, but this one has a deeper neckline and a closer fit. I'm not sure I like how the arm holes are fitted and probably should adjust them for the next run.

I used the frixion markers and they are a total blessing. They did leave light white marks when ironed, but I haven't washed the shirt yet either.

I'm very excited to see what VolksUSA is getting for the Holiday Greetings event this year. Hopefully not a gorgeous girl AND a RG Williams. I suppose I could enter for multiple since you can only win a maximum of 1 for the event. I'm really very likely to win 0.

Volks just announced their online store anniversary one-offs. My favorites are vampire Luna and smirking Cain. I'm not sold on either of them but I do hope to see them online! I don't have a GL membership so I'm a little thankful to see none I want to enter for. Of course, the outstanding exchange rate doesn't exist at VolksUSA so if I were to win one of those, it would not be a good deal.