thrift store haul (i spent too much)

April 28, 2021

I got some free walmart chocolate chip cookies yesterday. i tried one and it was pretty tasteless. the packaging says it contains "real chocolate chips and chocolate flavored chips". what the f*ck does that even mean?

tiny orchestral insturment $2.99
ryan called it a mini cello. i think it's a viola. either way it needs a new bridge and has seen better days. please feel free to tell me what it is
walmart notebook $.59
has some tacky inspirational quote on the front that will be covered with a sticker
MSD shoes $.79
i bought them out of shock. I asked a few people working there if a doll came in with them, and they said "idk" and "no". does someone else own BJDs out here? the pleather came off when i was buckling them already so they must be a couple years old at least
idk something for my mom $.59
idk what it is but its her favorite designer so i hope she likes it
bamboo spatula $.99
i might have enough of these now
Snow Patrol Greatest Hits $.99
this might have a good song! i cant remember!
Tiffany $.99
classic 80s pop album or one hit wonder? ill let you know.
Cross Edge pen $.99
HTC branded. looks brand new. ryan wants it.
Leather gloves $1.59
they fit me and that's cool. very soft

classic 2005 style.

and some pictures i took along the way