Goodbye Halloween!

November 13, 2022

I actually used the neocities site editor?! Due to CORS issues, I can't easily test my JS rss feed to microblog script so I did it all my browser. It's hard not to use tab complete and the little hints! What's that CSS property name again??

Well anyway I programmed in front of a live audience. My peanut gallery was even nice enough to help me with CSS. ;u; They are much better at it than I am! Design isn't really my forte but I try my best.

I'm not really sure how to use git more than ADD COMMIT PUSH so ryan promised he's going to help me make a separate repo for it. I'm very bad at git but I hope you all can use my script! I have a few more things I want to add to it.

I want to see everyone's designs! I reused assets I had already made for my design but I want to make some new ones for the page! Yagasuri would be nice...

The Hina NFT now links to my microblog and you can find the link the the update RSS feed and the microblog RSS feed under links. I'll find better places for them sometime.

This weekend Ryan and my friends came to visit! One of them showed up in a shirt with (now) his Hina NFT printed on it! I am absolutely rekt.

One of my friends recently came back from a Japan trip and brought me some pokemon cards and a lil linkie pen and keychain! Omiyage are the best!!!!

Ryan and I made a deal that I could leave the halloween decorations up until friends left, so I took them down today and put up my Christmas decorations! Merry Christmas everyone!! I gotta find or make some doll sized santa hats now.

Ryan wanted to take down the magnetic cross made out of alcohol poisoning awareness magnets his dad left on the back of our front door so it was a prime time to take some photos.

hors and I were discussing impulse doll buys and settling and I starting thinking about why Cheby is working out for me. He absolutely was an impulse buy AND settling. He was a really bad example of settling because Miho looks nothing like Ryu. They really only share a sculptor. Now there are a bunch of migi boys that look like Ryu, but that wasn't the case in 2009.

I think that if I hadn't bought a Ryu I wouldn't feel so fond of Cheby even after getting him a body. The impulse part? It's not impossible at all to love an impulse buy. We'll never truly know why this one worked out!