Merry Christmas, everynyan!

ignoring: a christmas story
playing: Xenoblade 3
attempting to hug: max the cat
wearing: ryan's christmas cardigan

December 25, 2022

I hope you are all having a good Christmas! We will be free from the incessant christmas music and movies in just a few hours, so stay strong! I have just barely survived this year. The only christmas movie I will agree to watch is Elf, which I did watch this year.

I got way more gifts than I deserved this year! Somehow making an amazon wishlist worked out for the first time ever. I secretly hope the items on the list weren't purchased on Amazon but I'm sure they were ._.

Ryan got a comfy christmas cardigan which I am stealing as well as the all-in-one Death Note manga which I am also stealing. Light has his shirt open on the front so we all know this should be mine!

We went to a consignment shop we visit a few times a year. I found some cute pokecards and Ryan also found a few! Mine are on the right and his are on the bottom.