Scam alert: eBay dolly drama

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January 14, 2023

About a week ago, a KJ Shizuku popped up on eBay. In case you view this in the far future, the title is "Kinoko Juice Shizuku Bjd Resin Doll Legit". This listing includes an extra body that fits Shizuku's head, a Dollzone B27-004. All of this was for the starting bid of $225 + $12.34 shipping.

I obviously was very interested in this listing. As far as I've seen, KJ Shizuku has never been recast, although now I've heard a rumor they do exist, but are rare. The Shizuku has her box, papers, CoA so she didn't seem to be anything worth worrying about. The Dollzone body was not so obvious. It was something I didn't want even remotely, so it didn't matter to me if it was a recast other than what the hell would I do with it.

So I asked the seller if the doll was authentic. She avoided my question, saying there was no CoA and it was high quality. I asked again. I got a clear response. The Dollzone body is a recast.

I spent a few hours deliberating my conundrum. I want this Shizuku, but I don't want the extra recast body. Would I actually buy a recast?? What would I do with the body? Destroy it? Give it away? Throw it in my closet as a deep dark secret? I decided to conduct experiments on it that would lead to its destruction. It was a little fun to brainstorm ideas....

There were no bids until about 5 minutes remaining. I asked Ryan to put my snipe bid in and was outbid automatically. I was not sad though, because I knew anyone bidding would give Shizuku a loving home.

But, I felt a obligation to try to contact the buyer, because the buyer was likely unaware of the body not being legitimate. I posted on DoA directly after asking for the buyer to PM me and I got a message from another HUGE KJ fan. I was happy to see Shizuku did find her loving home and informed the buyer, who was indeed unaware.

I believe both sides of the hobby will agree that selling a recast as legit is a scam. No where in this listing did she inform anyone this body was recast and was extremely reluctant to tell me when asked privately.

The seller is Marcia Celedon Vega, marcia230 on eBay, sonhomeu67 on Etsy, DemaravillasBM on Etsy (shared account), Vega LovesCollecting Disney on YouTube, vegalovescollecting on Instagram. Please use EXTREME caution when dealing with this seller and do not assume legit.

This is one of the reasons why I do not recommend eBay to people new to the doll hobby. Seasoned collectors can usually, but not always, tell when something is up. Newbies need more help. eBay is full of recasts, but even once those are filtered out, there are also dishonest sellers with 100% positive feedback. Please be careful out there.