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January 16, 2023

I cleaned out my spresso machine last night. My dear Cheby gets to be my obsessive hobby otaku doll every time. How many hobbies will I give him?

I kinda broke it though I think? If you turn the steam valve knob while steam isn't pressed, water runs out of the brew head as well. I don't remember it doing that before... It's such a mess of wires inside I feel overwhelmed looking at it.

I found out yesterday that Kame will take custom orders. Absolutely dangerous information. My dreams of having a Shizuku on a Kiki body are entirely possible. Unfortunately, losing the chance to buy a doll makes you want it even more. I am doing my best to stay strong though. I must hold out for a lovely 58chan.

Big news for avid doll questionnaire readers! Both Musume and Vega have filled out the 100 questions! I'm really happy with how it turned out. The questions that were chosen can get some really fun to read answers. I really like reading about people's hobby experiences.