Another VIC-20 enters my home.

watching: Yuyushiki
playing: Ace Attorney

January 22, 2022

The power was out when we woke up so we walked down to the coffee shop downtown. I convinced Ryan to go to the vintage and music store while we were down there.

Ryan found a VIC-20 on the floor with a small label saying $20. There were a couple games inside and so he tried to buy it and the owner was on the edge about it and said the $20 tag was what he paid. There was a copy of music composer which he wanted to sell online, but after 30 minutes of him helping other customers and us hanging around, he told Ryan he could buy the whole box for $10. Score?!?!

I held the Canon FL 35mm again but didn't have my camera on me to test it. I'm still on the fence about buying it because I'm not sure 35mm would be beneficial for photographing dolls.

And the contents of the BAB clothes bag! There was also a bag of shoes but shoes don't fit my pikachu very well. I love the police uniform and the suit. SO CUTE. My pikachu doesn't fit in pants either so he's probably going to be one of those sexy gay cops who don't wear pants.