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February 15, 2023

I came up with the idea of final 5 dolls while trying to decide if I should big on a nicely priced Charlotte 1st on eBay. If I'm counting my favorite Volks limiteds, she came out to be around #10 on the list. That was ONLY Volks limiteds, not FCS, not any other company. I did not bid on her and someone else got lucky.

So I thought a little harder about which dolls I would choose if I could only buy 5 more dolls in my lifetime. It is HARD.

For the sake of not filling my list with impossibilities, I'm going to assume SDGr Mana様 #00 is not going to leave Mana-sama's hands, I'm not going to win Dream FCS, and my friend isn't going to sell me her beloved doll. It's not happening!

Big problem: I want nearly every doll Kinoko Juice makes. Kiki Hoekuchi, Shizuku, Luna, and Jill, plus 58chan is 5. I can't let my entire list be consumed so quickly! 58chan will always be first priority because 1/3 scale is my favorite. 58chan I think looks similar enough to Luna that I can live without Luna if I have her. Hoekuchi would be nice to own but again, not necessary. I could just buy a second head for Praline. Jill is good and she's grown on me a lot, but I think I will be able to live with just photos. Shizuku is still stuck on my list and hors won't let me buy hers.

A Shizuku has appeared on IG for sale, but she is blue. I am able to control myself for now. I need to remember that spending a little extra to get the color you want is worth it.

For Volks limiteds, RG Williams would be really cool to own. It's also fairly unlikely that I'll ever get the chance to buy him, but I could win a future lottery so it's not impossible. Does he beat out Miruku and Suiseiseki? Either of those girls with a perfect faceup would be very nice to own. At this particular moment in time, I feel like I want RG Williams the most of the 3.

I can't afford the space in my list to get both Kazuya and Victorique. My apologies to them.

I want to save one space for an FCS order. A lot of this is for the experience of FCS. Of course, the FCS heads never are as good as limited heads. If they did, they would have sold them as limiteds! Because F98 looks similar to Lieselotte, but not as cute as Lieselotte, I am throwing her out as a candidate. I am most leaning toward F101, but this is a long term plan, so I don't feel the need to choose the exact doll yet.

How pained would I be if an Unoss or Rowan Prim became available and she didn't make the cut? Probably very. I will save a spot for one of them on my list. I think I would prefer Rowan at this point and Rowan is easier to find.

I had Migi Flora in my list before but, with this limited space, Rowan Prim beats her out. I hope she will make a decent wife for RG Williams instead.

So where did I end up?

Just wait, I'll throw out this list tomorrow and make a new one. Or just link this to me when I'm panic deciding if I need to bid on a doll I only kind of want.

I also need to think even harder because four of these 1/3 scale. I don't even have enough room for a final 5 like this. I do expect two of them to not be possible for 5 years though.

PS Video games are stupid. Please play in moderation before destroying your life. I can't take this anymore!!!