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February 23, 2023

So much for not buying dolls! Check out the new box opening in the cafe! I made it 48 days into the new year before buying doll. No regrets!! Liam deserves it. Best boy!! Smoochies!

My mom came to visit so we did traditional thrift shopping. I enjoy it more than her other hobbies which include gnomes, youtube, and television craft supply shopping.

Here's the CD list. All were between $.99 and $1.38

My mom picked out CDs too. She got the two Simply Red and The Carpenters pictured. There were about 6 more not pictured. She picked the ones I thought went straight to the trash. I gave her my Foreigner CD too since I wasn't into it more than one song.

My mom has a pair of these little bears in her house and she wouldn't let me steal them. I found these and she wanted them to match hers because she couldn't even remember she has the EXACT same ones.

Their clothes are very sun damaged but these little bears are irrestibly cute. They're strung but their elastic was long destroyed. Luckily, this kind of restringing is babby tier to me.

Seriously so cute. Next themed cafe I open will be bear themed. Back in the 90s, there was a doll and bear store in the mall of my hometown. How I wish I could have worked there!