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Captain's Best

April 15, 2023

Ryan brought me lots of gifts from Sakuracon!! I got a plushie banana, Pokemon Arceus, Bilbo Baggins Pez dispenser, coffee beans, and the chance to rip 3 and Captain Jack greatest hits. Nice!!!

While Ryan was at Sakuracon, I spent entirely too much time drawing boys and playing with dolls. Hina got a new jumper but I'm not happy with the look. The top was less fitted than I intended so she looks a big too top heavy. I'm planning on making a tight turtleneck to see if that helps.

Fun fact: it fits on Cheby because the SD10 and SD13B torso are very similar in size.

I haven't been to the thrift store in a while, but I got to make an uncomfortable visit today :| I got a few cricut carts for my mom though! Somehow she doesn't own all of them yet.

I took Cheby to the park today for fun and profit. Only had one dude in a van wave at me twice. No dogs or children ate Cheby luckily.

He's my current obsession and I'm not sorry. Go check out the cafe today (Sunday).