Happy Sochi's birthday to you!!!

watching: Gosick
playing: FF7:CC Reunion
Pokemon Crystal (VC)
listening: Ian Van Dahl - Ace

May 1, 2023

I went out for hanami photos yesterday of Hina and looked for my Doll Hair Toothbrush. I couldn't find it so I only took the wide tooth comb. I haven't looked through those photos yet so please wait warmly.

Higher priority is Sochi's birthday! So I looked for the dang toothbrush a little harder toda, gave up, and went without it.

I'm glad I walked a similar path I did for the Cheby photos in blog 158 because toothbrushkun was sitting under a tree I stopped near!! Mystery solved!!

I forgot how light minis are. They're very easy to hold with one hand! She's very loose though so I had a lot of trouble getting her to stand.

Are you interested on what was on my SSD?? No??? okay!!! I had 200 GB of photos and 300 GB of music. The total was 600 GB. It didn't take very long to transfer at all! I'm very impressed!

The mass exodus of my town has apparently not yet started. I'm very excited for it. Please, donate all your valuables!! I want them!

I got to go to a community garage sale! Last year's was super awesome, but I didn't have insane luck this year. Still had fun though!