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reading: No. 6 (manga)
listening: Puddle of Mudd -
Come Clean
drawing: boys, malformed Hinas

June 20, 2023

Jilly Jelly?! Jilly Jelly!!! What an exciting announcement for Kinoko Juice fans worldwide! I'm praying for a gyaru release so I can convince Kohi she needs one.

When I saw megane Shizuku I feel in love just a little.

So I drew her!!! Shizuku is so cute in glasses. She makes me want one ;_________; I sent it to Kame already and she sent me a happy response!

I'm being tempted again by punk Kiki with the exchange rate working in my favor again. Does anyone want to give me $250?? No??? Please help me fill the void in my life with even more dolls!