I'm very busy right now because I joined a cult.

obsession: Grusha
(re)watching: NGE (again!)
borrowing: Ryan's AKG K701

August 7, 2023

I went to refill my kakuno and... it has a crack in the grip section?! I think fountain pens may just be too weak for me. My strength is just too limitless! Maybe my next one will have to be metal or will I just break that too? Pray for my Safari...

I've been listening to a few of my old CDs that I hadn't ripped yet. I was really surprised to only know the two singles off Shinedown's Leave a Whisper. I was even more surprised that I could half-sing all of A Change of Pace's An Offer You Can't Refuse! I guess that clears up what I was listening to as a teen.

I was dreaming of what I wanted to sew for Hina again but decided it was time to make Grassy a new outfit. He's been stuck in his sundress for like 10 years or something so it's REALLY time.

My plans were to make a sailor outfit with shorts for my bunny son. I almost hit all the marks! My original design would have looked much better on a SD10 boy which... wow I wish Grassy had been an SD10 boy!!!!

I put Kinokoeye in him for funsies. They probably won't stay in but they're fun! I'm trying to decide what kind of headwear I want for him. A beret maybe? I finally ordered magnets for his bunny ears but he needs more than just ears!

I got an AC order in and installed silicone discs in all my large dolls. We are tricked out here!! How many poses can we pose?? All three of them! Liam and Verona got new wigs and had to sit naked in my kitchen while I trimmed them. One of the wigs is literally the worst wig I own but I think I made it look less vomit.

I really do like this wig though after chopping it. It makes me want to put 7 earrings in Liam's ears (canon). Verona will have 2 when I find the right objects to glue to him. He's only a little spicy.

I wanted to get Verona a wig in his natural color. When I get a WS Louis head (never?) this will be a wig for that head. Adult Verona can wear it for now!