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September 18, 2023

Gee, it sure gets overwhelming to put off your blog post and end up having to write a massive one!!! I have so many stupid Cheby photos to sort though...

I'm sure anyone who cares already knows, but I wiped Cheby and redid his faceup myself. Here you go! Here's his new face. Not really so different from the last one.

I spent days trying to get my lines thin enough, the eyelashes at the right angle, and the eyebrows placed okay. Turns out his eyebrows are the most important part of him and should not be changed too much!

I did a faceup before the one shown and it was just so NOT Cheby. He looked all wrong!! I was very upset and wiped it before finishing it.

I did entirely too much shopping. I'm very embarrassed! My CD collection is reaching critical mass. Please everyone come over and rip them! I got boy bands, I got sad boys, I got angry boys! I got it all!!

I went home to see my mom for a couple weeks. We did a lot of shopping, canning, youtube doomscrolling.

I finally got to go to some yard sales this year with my mom. I totally scored. I'm really happy!!

The camera bag was marked $20, but they took $15 for it. It came with a body case for the T50 which appears to have mold? My mom said she'd work on scrubbing the mold off the plastic but I'm not against tossing it. I at least got it in a baggie.

My camera is a whopping 10.5 inches long with the 75-200mm lens fully extended. This is ridiculous!! Even not extended, it attracts too much attention and people start asking me questions! Stop!!! Let me shoot pictures of rocks in peace! I'm not famous!! I can't even figure out how to focus this thing!

I said I would email some photos of the thing she wanted to her but I got battery acid on her business card and threw it away.

Another cool find was this GBA. The price was $10, but I tried to talk her down to $5 because someone had ripped off the start and select buttons and the battery cover clip was broken off. She was very reluctant to drop the price because it was worth $100 on eBay! Wow!! She eventually offered 8 and I got her to 7. I tested it when I got home and it does turn on. I'm giving it to Ryan for his modding escapades.

I asked how much the pokemon cards were and she said free so thank you to her for not looking it up and trying to get 5 buckaroos out of me.

Did I miss anything? Everything??? This was way too much to write!!!

I recently learned that huckleberries are not extra large black berries, but extra small blueberries. Maybe if you pack them tight enough they'll look like an extra large blackberry.