bun watch

May 10, 2021

i keep thinking i need a lens with a longer focal length. these are super cropped, but i guess it still looks okay since my sensor is so big... im waiting for more canon FD lenses to pop up in the thrift stores

i found out a box set of the kuragehime manga exists last night so i bought it (on impulse). it'll be the first full set of manga i own other than my single volume Cowa, which is very cute btw. (EDIT: ryan has reminded me i own azumanga daioh and inukami) i've been wanting to read it since i watched the anime in like 2012. wait does that still count as an impulse?

I was looking for a part where chieko was talking about her dolls. i was wondering if she said "uchi no ko", which is used a lot on jp doll twitter. i'm not sure if i want to post under that tag because calling my dolls my children is offputting...

anyway i was checking the price for a kuragehime BD set but i guess its one of those shows that has an impossible to buy BD and only the DVD set exists for a reasonable price. hopefully they reprint it someday! i'd like to get that one.

i removed the link to this site from my DoA account. i have a link to the recast master list on this site, which could get me banned. i feel that information is more important for people to have than possibly someone discovering this website and enjoying it. i cant appreciate having to pussyfoot around this subject this much. people will do what they want to regardless of you hiding information from them.

armeleia, who was a DoA mod, had an interesting article on her blog a while back. something strange has happened to the post, but i dont have an archive of it otherwise. it was once called "A museum of copying and inspiration" and features pictures of recasts. of course, linking to this blog now would get you banned. i'd post my opinions on their moderation but it wouldnt be a "hot take" and more like the common opinion