wow this is all hauls

playing: Pokemon Arceus

December 29, 2023

Thrift hauls:

This one was at the beginning of the month. Ryan paid for everything >B)

Christmas haul:

Lots of fun stuff this year! Not as much chocolate as I expected so please feel free to fix that.

Seattle haul:

During this visit to Seattle, I had the pleasure of viewing a woman wearing only a wig and a coat down in the international district. Nothing more.

I expected Ryan to try to convince me out of buying more ink, but he didn't so I bought more ink. I've been thinking about getting the rose scented ink for a while and didn't twice because I was worried about flying with it. I continued my search for foam erasers but was unsuccessful again. I haven't had much luck recently finding anything worth buying in Seattle in a while. Kinokuniya did not have doruoji or anything else for a reasonable price. I did fall for Kaworu on a clip strip in Uwajimaya and paid too much heh...