unexciting day

May 11, 2021

check out sochi in those wicked boots. damb. she stylin.

i was walking and saw a prairie doggie and a bunch of babies!! i tried to get close enough to get a picture but i heard a little doggie call and they all ran back into their hole!! a few seconds later i saw a hawk flying pretty close to the ground so im glad they have their warning system

American Eagle sweater $.50
i'm not entirely sure i should have bought this.
Mind Bridge dress $.50
never heard of this brand. seems korean. i've been looking for a collared button up dress like this for a couple years. the belt is definitely going in the trash.
Linda Allard Ellen Tracy skirt $.50
100% wool. I sure don't own enough warm skirts. i've been waiting for this one to hit the discount rack for a few weeks
fake gold chain $2.99
for my pearl octo expansion cosplay that i promise to complete by sakuracon 2028
food thermometer $.79
i hope it works. i dont know yet. i have an analog one but it takes forever to get up to the temp.

i promise i dont buy something at the thrift store EVERY time i go! before i had a job i would sit and worry about spending 70 cents on a plushie...

i have a lot of clothes now so i really should sort through them and send some back to where they came from. i almost never buy new clothes anymore. i cant really afford nice quality new clothes and i enjoy hunting for stuff i like in thrift stores, so it works out. most american brands dont make clothes i like anyway these days.