family photo

May 17, 2021

i put the whole negelected family together for a photo today!!

somehow i have managed to lose sophie and the puki's wigs. where in the h*ck did they go...

my mom told me today i need to buy them all new wigs. she's totally right... these faux mohair wigs are very dated now... the bambicrony twins are so hard to shop for though because yosd wigs are too big! i wrote down all their wig (and shoe) sizes though so when shipping prices get a bit better i'll drop a large sum of money on wigs...

more than a couple years ago i decided i was going to sell most of my dolls becasue they werent my taste anymore. i managed to sell only one which i bought as a project fun doll (no regrets), but i am so glad i still have the rest! i wanted to buy different dolls with the money, but now my feelings are "ill just make more money lol". i have so many fun memories with them even if they're not what i would have bought today!

im trying to decide if i want to bring any back with me. maybe liam? im bringing the iplehouse carrier though. best "box" ever tbh.

i also went to goodwill and all i found was a razer "deathadder expert" for $3. not worth a photo. the scroll button seems to double click though but im not sure thats reason enough to return it. ill see how p*ssed i get at it in the next few days.