[trigger warning removed]

May 30, 2021

i went back outside a bit later and took a photo of the big dipper. 30 second exposure, f/1.4. theres a big old lens flare from not being in a dark area...

i also added pages for my favorite clothes! please check them out if youre interested!

after finding out about the yoko kanno bjork similarities i have googled a bit and am now pretty sad a lot of her songs are pretty much rip offs of other artists. kinda wish i didnt know...

sochi got her first restringing since uhhh i got her... 11 years ago...

did ya'll forget how dolls were designed in the old days?? i did!! with most modern dolls, theres grooves in the head so that the s-hook can slip through so that the head comes off the body without full restringing. there's also usually magnets holding the headcap on... this one is held on with a rubber band for braces which i havent had in over 10 years

what a wonderful day to get a new elastic string!

standing! she has been too loose to stand for years!

my net twitter follower count has been decreasing since 2016. i think i was at 455 around november 2016? now im at like 408! im not sure if the drop is due to me not being interesting, not posting cosplays, or because im dollposting. maybe all my followers were just bots that got banned! im not going to stop dollposting tho!

i AM going to link to this blog with the creepiest photo in this post tho