doll stuf etc

June 26, 2021

i dont know if anyone else is using the neocities CLI but it checks if every single file needs to be uploaded and sometimes even files that havent been modified are reuploaded so it shows up as a new update on the timeline. its driving me nuts because switching between ryans laptop and my desktop reuploads like everything!!

i honestly really dont know much about how to use git but i guess its time to learn becasue im so tired of this!!! surely theres some way to upload only new and modified files

remember the doll rocking chair from blog 20?? i finally took it apart (it mostly just fell apart tbh) and picked off the glue, sanded the edges and used wood glue to put it back together!

hopefully it'll stay together now. they must not have wood glue in "taiwan"

i've been promising to make ryan arm covers for his little green armchair for like 2 years now and i finally did it today. I think they turned out okay and they do a good job of hiding the rips

also pictured: liam in a pink wig. pity him. i tried all my 8-9 wigs on him and uhh i actually dont have many short ones. the faux mohair one he had kept falling off and i was getting pretty mad about it. at least the pink one stays on

we stopped by the thrift store and walmart and ryan bought me some pokemon cards and we got spicy water. my only thrift store find was The Human League - Dare for $.99. i did not bring liam with me to the store, thanks for asking. i also had to master manual focus with my pinky

omake: full moon