i broke my computer

July 1, 2021

i destroyed my desktop last night installing python

not entirely sure how i managed that but i turned my computer on this morning and my taskbar was gone

so i typed some commands i didn't understand (smart) to try to fix it. then the entire GUI was done and gone. okay i actually destroyed it this morning not last night...

i thought oh okay ill just reinstall mate! jokes on me i broke the ethernet too. i ended up uninstalling mate and then not being able to download it again

i spent all day trying to fix it but its back and happy and now im afraid to work on my neocities uploading script ;u; i couldn't get delete to work last night using the python api wrapper, but uploading worked just fine. must have been doing the call wrong... I'm just going use the neocities cli until im feeling a bit more brave. im not even sure i know what i did to fix it.

i really forgot how python syntax works. its so wild. i was deleting semicolons after every line.

i did go to the thrift store though! the weather was nice and cool. its been 110 lately and today was 88. very exciting! ryan came along too! we found a couple things. the cashier was annoying as usual.

i want to download everyone's link buttons and replace them in my links page, but i suppose i should do that later and not tonight. i didn't really want to add any content i didnt create to my site (other than the photo of me) but it's so fun to see the buttons people make!