i looked at doll websites today

July 2, 2021

hello everynyan! i was chatting with a friend and remembered a banned doll (according to DoA rules) and i went to go look her up!

for everyone worried, its the 2015 issue of princess cinderella by angell-studio! her first sculpt used to be on my wishlist way back so i was really shocked to see it!

i found the old photos and a tumblr post saying she was accused of being a copy of Volks F-01. i guess the outrage was all in the chinese community though. now i can kinda see what they mean? she does look a bit like F-01, but i dont think id go as far as to accuse her of being a copy!

so now that i'm already on the angell-studio website, i found this cutie, biyao! shes rather cute, i like her little smile!

i clicked around a bit more and found.... this DUDE. is this even legal??? definitely not safe for work!!!! JESUS. do not look closely at the 2nd to last picture

i am not digging their anime style dolls. their "semi-real" "stylized" whatever dolls are looking very pro now! they've definitely come a long way since 2010

checking out ringdoll, nothing really strikes my fancy. i used to like ringdoll crystal, but he really just looks like an SD unoa boy. when i saw ringdoll at an expo, none of their sculpts really jumped out at me. their sculpter is beautiful though

visiting luts, they seem to come up with a girl right up my alley, KDF olive. shes pretty cute but there dont seem to be owner photos of her. has anyone gotten one yet? i dont use facebook and thats where everything seems to be right now

and dollzone. ive never liked dollzone but their style is drastically different now. i dont really hate any of them and the duck lips are mostly gone. they've really improved!

i saw an ebay listing for a secondhand recast today. seller totally made it clear it was a recast but the doll had a headplate! i want to see more counterfeit authentication items but it seems the recast-friendly community is all on facebook and i am very much not on facebook.

you bet im going to rip the plate off my lieselotte when she gets here and put it somewhere safe. now that i think about that if i put it somewhere safe ill definitely forget where i put it. wheres the safest place to put something that i wont forget??

i just found some forum posts about a girl who was kicked out of a portland bjd expo in 2015 because the staff thought her doll was recast. seriously?? the dolls were even confirmed by doa mods to be real later. you dont have to remind me to stay away from portland. ill get kicked out before i let the staff members inspect my doll. this girl is absolutely throwing a fit (as she should). she even quit the hobby over it! props to the DoA mods for getting her an apology. i dont mind living on the honor system until the doll's being sold.