seattle review

July 16, 2021

i havent been to seattle since new years 2020 (very fun trip btw) but i convinced ryan to bring me on the ferry there for a day trip!

we got on the ferry and when the returning ferry passed us, i waved! and 2 people waved back!! it was so fun!!

we got off the ferry and headed through pioneer square down to the int district. might have seen a dead dude not sure. anyway it was nasty.

we checked out the weeaboo haven kinokuniya and the last few times going in there i feel like i dont like anime anymore. i dont recognize anything and the things i do recognize are way overpriced. for example, i bought the kuragehime box set for around $80 and it was $174 there. almost a hundy more! the kongou bust that was there for years is gone now heh. they did have dollybird issues i would have bought if they werent $30 each.

uwajimaya has been completely remodeled since i was there last! it looks very nice now and somehow bigger. we got lunch at the deli. i got yakisaba and a few pieces of sashimi. i loooove yakisaba and i havent had any since uhhh new years 2020 so i was very happy! the wasabi included with the sashimi was very hot (according to ryan)

we went to daiso and i got a couple things. there were some bootleg licca hakama outfits and i couldnt decide which color i liked more so i bought one. its okay i have 2 liccas! I got a little pooh bear bag to put my shoes in in my luggage. and then a plastic sheet board with bunnies on it. there were also hamsters on another but i thought the bunny art was cuter.

pink gorilla int district had a bunch of girls singing that sonic song in it. no hamster games. i didnt buy anything.

we walked up to westlake (not through pioneer square this time) and checked out nordstrom and nordstrom rack. i found a really cute fish purse for $1500. i also did not buy that! nordstrom looks nice though. it was under construction for like the entire time i lived in seattle.

makoto picked us up and we went up to the university district. we walked around looking for a bathroom while ryan went to the bookstore. we did not find a bathroom! but we went to Al's and Pink gorilla university district. i also found nothing i was in love with. someone donated their JP otome vita and switch collection though! ryan got 2 tomb raider games he didnt have.

my favorite place to get tea, shiga's imports, was closed for remodeling. ;_; i havent been there in years now

i used to go to these stores all the time when i lived in seattle and i dreamed about what i would buy if i had the money! now i (kinda) have some money and theres nothing i care for. it feels weird. maybe its because i stopped caring about everything except the switch? maybe its because everything is marked up so much from what it was 5 years ago. idk...

we stopped by a grocery store with lots of cheese on the way back to the ferry. i looked out the window of the car while driving and a woman flipped me off. and we got on the ferry and left!

i really didnt spend much. i only bought lunch, a few things from daiso, and my ferry ticket back.

overall seattle was dirty and disgusting, but keeps me coming back time after time. 8/10