more doll ramblings

August 28, 2021

i decided i'm going to enter volksUSA's lottery for dear sd mai. i dont think you can stop me now unless you enter yourself and drop my chances of winning. it'll be okay if I dont get her, but if I do, I think I will name her Saori unless ryan convinces me Sayuri is better.

i like the name sayuri too but i cant have a saori and a sayuri theyre just too close!!

im also like 90% decided on lieselotte's name! I'll call her hina. I think it's a cute name that fits her sweet face. I'm past the 4 month wait mark now! I'm still as excited as the day i ordered her even if im shaking a lot less.

I hope volksusa does the special owner items order too because I do want some FCS hands.. I still havent decided which ones I need though. I thought i wanted sd-h-12 but they're the only ones not on the order list! foiled again. are the peace sign ones too goofy? theres not too many opportunities to use those hands though. much to think about.

im also going to be bad and order the tabi feet. goodbye money! it should actually be feasible for me to make geta and hell if im not going to put her in a kimono. not that you need a kimono to wear geta!

i want to order all the extra parts asap after getting her so the resin will match. id hate to be 5 years down the road and think "oh maybe i should have gotten her these hands. im excited to try the one touch system after i dropped my unoa's string down her arm trying to get a sweater on her a few days ago. its also interesting volks didnt include the one touch system on dear SD. maybe there was a good reason?

i won a cute black and white seifuku on ebay and now that i have it i'm pretty sure it'll be too small in the waist for hina. I'll have to make a little extender for her. I can put it on my DD but its a very dark navy. im too scared. i won some 8-9 wigs too! i cant wait to try them on liam. poor dude. there is a shorter brown one in the set but it's still a bit long for a boy. it'll probably be an improvement over the pink one he's wearing now.

i want to figure out how to make doll shoes sometime. it's too hard to find doll sized cowboy boots! i want all my dolls to be little cowboys ;a;

i was surfing youtube again and found these videos. While I wasn't super impressed with the quality of the finished product, that doll looks so happy and spoiled. I bet that owner put in tons of hours handsewing and embroidering that outfit! I hated it when she said "i didnt want to sand it so i just put glue on it". how painful to not take that small extra step...