lil updates

September 5th, 2021

i added a TON of links today after exporting my old firefox profile's links. so many of them were broken! kinda a bummer

ryan's been asking me to make him a 88x31 button for a while so i actually did it today. I was trying to find the imas cg assets page but i found my file for the mousepad design i made for him years ago and honestly it's an awesome mousepad if i may say so myself. please enjoy "fred glitching at bikini atoll"

im thinkin bout making a furby page and a touhou page. do i even have enough fun things to make pages worth looking at?? a page of my drawings would be fun too. if my nav bar gets too long i can just continue it on the other side right?

i discovered ChicaBi dolls the other day and boy they are cute. They have a cafe/shop!! there's a bunch of videos of it on youtube and its so cute!! dont ever let me in there i will go nuts

they have an DSD sized body and a ton of cute faces! so far my favorite is Kitty! I also really like Peko but I don't know if i want to buy any more tiny dolls. their outfits are so cute too!! for some reason, almost no westerners seem to own any dolls from this company and im really confused about it. maybe the lack of jointing is just too big of a turn off?

i was watching videos of dollpas on youtube and i texted my mom and asked if she'd go to a dolls party with me and she replied "We can have one when you come home. Is that OK? I dont know of any others" so sweet ;a; thank you mommy for putting up with my bs!!!

daily reminder im still excited to get my lieselotte!! im also excited to get the DSD lottery results but I have quite a while to wait on that. I am praying to Mother SD. May she bless my soul.