usual ramblings

September 18, 2021

i added some subtitles to my site. I haven't got a good script but it's functional. thinking about making a page of my most precious possesions inspired by pompon's virtual katamari. its so cute you really gotta click on this one. I can't decide if making a new page outside of my frames would be better or if i want to keep it in the frame. i can easily make a list but there's a funner ways to do it.

i'm still very excited for my new doll. i've been looking at so many pretty detailed dresses for inspiration for what to make for her!

im going to volksusa's site and checking my user groups multiple times per day. allegedly it shows up in your profile when you've won a lottery, before they email you to tell you. I have yet to win a lottery and confirm this though!

Volks announced a lottery for Dream FCS, but this time even international members who have ordered an FCS doll before can enter?? Just wild! I won't and can't enter but I am praying someone who speaks english wins so they can write about the experience.

im also very excited for volks news 93 to come out. what will volks have in store for us now?! i don;t know but i'm still excited to see. looks like theres an ff14 girl who is pretty but i dont care too much about!

BJDivas now has a shiny new "dealer caution" tag on DoA. i dont think i've seen one of those before! for some reason (perhaps a private facebook group request) their doa feedback thread is exploding with mostly positive posts from older orders. the negative feedbacks have been replied to with nasty accusatory retortions. they managed to get their feedback thread locked by doing this! i highly suggest staying away from this dealer. I don't think I've seen them acknowledge that theyve even made one mistake yet.

this reminds me of when uncle's office got a bunch of bad reviews so he asked everyone in the family to write positive reviews on google for him. i refused but there are a suspicious number of my family members names in the google reviews.

i saw a thread on doa where a user was asking about who doesnt have a doll yet so they could bond over not having a doll. like what???? how could you possibly bond with people over not being in a hobby yet?

now im seeing this thread was made by a 17 year old and i really should have guessed that. i'm ready to split the internet between those over 18 and those under. you know if you don't want to be part of a hobby, you can always chat somewhere else that isnt dedicated to that hobby.

theres this one dude who is on both major BJD/DD forums who doesn't own a bjd, doesnt seem interested in bjds, and only wants to talk about his (off topic) doll of his waifu. like dude there are better places to discuss your waifu.