my thoughts on the nintendo direct

September 24, 2021

i wasn't really excited about the direct so i wasnt disappointed either. new kirby: automata looks cute. fred armisen as cranky kong sounds awesome. splatoon 3 is coming along and hopefully wont be filled with paid DLC. AC update is late so i dont care.

i tried playing story of seasons pioneers of olive town while there's a free trial period but i cant really get into it. i think i just played mineral town too recently and theres only so much farming im willing to do in a year. also no popuri who is the BEST BACHELORETTE OF ALL TIME

i haven't received any winning emails from volksUSA so it's pretty safe to say I didn't win dear SD mai. this makes my volks lottery win rate 0/2. I plan to enter for her again next time, but it may be 2 years from now to after the next LA dollpa. Maybe mother SD has different plans for me. I am pretty bummed about it but theres nothing to do but accept it

in retaliation for my loss, i decided i am going to buy hina another pair of hands (more than i was already planning) when the time comes! i am so angwy!!!! i'm going to put more love and care into the doll i already bought!!!!!

ive had some malice mizer lives on in the background and dam these are good. i cant believe ive seen mana-sama in the flesh. my dumb *ss should have stood in line with my friends for 2 hours for an autograph and a meet. i got an autograph that someone else got for me, but i never did get to see him closer than i could get to the stage. I like to believe we made eye contact but you can choose not to believe that if you want. i am still so bummed i missed the sakuracon moi dix mois came back for, but I did get to see K before he died.

my middle school visual kei loving self is still here. i love to see a bunch of men in insane costumes on stage (including ziggy stardust). just wait until i name a doll reila. which one of these h*ckers do I need to name reila??