new faceup who dis

Novemebr 28, 2021

faceup finished (yesterday)! not sure if i love it but itll have to do until the weather warms up. i'll try to focus on sewing until then haha

here's a link to the last faceup for curious souls.

i went a little too hard on the blushing i think. i uh decided to keep going even after sunset and it's best to avoid doing faceups in the dark imo... i usually do cheeks blushing right under the eyes but i branched out this time and tried actually on her cheeks instead. i gave her some lines on her lips as lightly as i could. i dont like when they make lips look dry. i did not give her an exaggerated smile line and fully blushed her lips instead of just the center.

there's some big sealant/blush mistakes on the side of her face but it's covered by her wig so nbd

before you ask, my mom still doesnt like it. she says its too pink. i just cant please that woman!! at least she's honest and it keeps me trying to improve

i do want to get new pastels but i don't live anywhere near a place that sells singles. maybe ill run across one next time im in seattle. maybe some higher quality gouache singles too. i do like them a lot more than acrylics.

i want to buy new eyes for all of my dolls but where the heck do people get them these days? i want glass because im not willing to spend large amounts of money on eyes that yellow but it seems like everyone does only urethanes now. i put her original acrlyics back in for now and let liam keep the 12mm ones. the dark blue ones are also 12mm but look so much bigger than the 12mm acrylics she came with. im kinda on the fence about what size to choose next but i think ill try 10 mm next time. liam definitely needs 12mm or lower!

playing with her makes me want to get a rowan prim even more. i looooooove gentaro araki's work so much and would love to buy another one of his dolls. the man is a sculpting genius (and probably a huge pervert). idk if unoalchemy will ever come back but i hope they do and i hope shipping goes back down a little bit at least...