Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25, 2021

i am in baby kitten heaven. it is perfect. please enjoy these baby kitten photos as much as youd like

this lil boy is max

and his sister is macy! they are so cute

i got some amazing gifts this year *_* im not happy with how many i was able to churn out so im going to try (again) to start earlier next year. ryans mom loved the cats i made her and she almost cried! she requested ones of her 2 new kitties so i guess i better get to work

in absolutely no order:

round 2!!

items forgotten for the photo

she fits perfectly on top of the jelly bean holder i bought for ryan

consignment shop finds!

not very big! just a doll sized seat ($30) and a longaberger basket ($5). the seat looks like it should fit SD sized dolls perfectly. the longaberger basket is so dirty but my mom wanted it so i grabbed it for her

i really cant wait for hina to come. hina pls. i hope she doesnt have to sit in the port until february. i want to put her on this cute chair...

i found a airbrush and compressor in my friends house so i asked him about what he uses it for and he told me i could take it. i am pretty excited to try airbrushing ngl. thank you clay!!

as for thrift stores, i found a PS2 memory card for $1.99 and a lil bub book for $1. i was going to give the book away as a white elephant gift but i looked at it too long and now i have to keep it. pic not related

i bought ni no kuni 2 on switch new for $20. ive heard mixed things about it but im willing to try it for this price. one friend says it was way worse than the first and the other says it was way better than the first. i cant tell which way it will go but i hope itll at least be interesting

i have 7 whole badges in shining pearl now. i'm going to beat it before starting anything else. i really like it so far even though the models can be a little story of seasons tier. theres a few issues but overall, its a true honest to god pokemon game, and thats more than i can say about the other recent releases.

i just found out about 13 sentinels coming to switch and i am a little confused tbh. the ps4 pro had some MAJOR slow down issues in one of the final battles in that game and i cant comprehend how a switch is going to handle that. i do want it on switch though... i might buy another copy if they release it over here (and it goes on sale). i really dont like playing games on the tv if you havent figured that out