nintendo direct review

February 9, 2022

splatoon 3: im not really super into salmon run but im glad to hear theres a release quarter. not that im expecting to see it this summer. unless they add microtransactions, ill buy it.

chrono cross: maybe ryan will play this one in front of me? i always like to see ports even if no one else does

kirby: a car?!?! a vlc player?!!? it looks kinda like super mario odyssey. i hope itll be good but its not on my list

KH cloud version: do you guys realize theyre f*cking with you yet? you should.

loop8: what is this????? youkai?? cute girls?!!

13 SENTINELS: pls localize this port!!!! i (unwisely) would pay for another copy

mother + mother 2: the world asked and nintendo delivered. cant say i saw it coming

xenoblade 3: i was sold as soon as i saw "xenoblade 3". this series is great and i will buy it. nia and melia?? im so into this sh*t. i will buy this day of release i am so excited. if they dont include the jp voices i will take that back.

im most excited about xenoblade 3!! splatoon is exciting too but xenoblade was a total surprise. i'm going to have to replay 1, torna, and 2 again to prepare!! they'll probably end up retconning some things (again) which will disappoint me but those games were all fun regardless.

i guess id better not get pokemon arceus and play the games i have first. i already forgot i bought a download for ookami last year... or 2020?!