Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

February 14, 2022

lots of pictures of my love to celebrate!

I took this next one in January but I think I like the one I just took better. I did the wild thing where you take a paintbrush to your $1k doll today and gave her smile marks. it was terrifying and i couldnt stop shaking but i think it worked out okay. im so happy to see her smile :3

Valentine's day is also.... Frederica's birthday! I took another photo of Ryan's figure this year.

I also gave Karen some time in the spotlight. I though her look was perfect for a Valentine's Day shot. She's quite a bit shinier than Freddy of course, but prize figure quality really has come up over the last 5 years. She's definitely not the same quality as a scale but they did a lot better of a job sculpting than they used to.

it's been so lovely outside! a break from snow is very welcome imo. ryan and I got to take a walk on saturday where we hit both thrift stores and the used book store!