cherry blossoms attempt 2

April 21, 2021

Sorry I overexposed everything!! It was still windy but not quite as bad as last time. Kikipop didn't get as much camera time as anticipated but she also can't sit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this one scared the cr*p out of me with the wind. every breeze i was just sure she was gonna fall

busy buzzy bees. they didn't notice me they were too busy with flowers

Thrift store finds:

Majestic Legon navy and white striped sweater $.25
Has a cute velveteen bow on the back! (shown: back)
Haviland Limoges "Trellis" plate (??) $.79
Don't tell Ryan I bought this. I'll put some earrings on it or something.
Camera strap straight outta amazon $.99
I actually just bought it for the webbing and plastic pieces that go with the webbing but the polka dots are cute