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March 13, 2022

i swear to mother SD, if no one emails me to say "wow hat, i clicked the bee! you are so cool hat! thank you!!" im going to make the bee the off button. i added 4 new precious things and also some photos to hina's gallery

don't forget its white day tomorrow!! im very excited!

i finished gosick vol 1. it was a really quick read since the writing is so easy. it definitely wont be winning any awards. in the novel, Victorique has a raspy smoker voice and ACTUALLY smokes a pipe instead of just holding it. i understand why they didnt keep those in the anime... i wont be buying vol 2 due to its mega price. its definitely not worth $150

i finished my zurückspulen rewatch. its not as cute as the original series, but i like it. it definitely requires you to watch the original show first so i was a dummy for watching it first many years ago. theres a lot of alternate universe time travel sh*t going on which isnt good. i need to rewatch the original show

thrift store haul 3/12