Spring is over and done.

April 10, 2022

i saw a few snowflakes yesterday. thought no biggie. woke up to a foot or so of snow. cmon i thought it was APRIL. oh well. ill put the christmas tree back up

through a combined effort of pompon and I, a new super dollfie webring now exists! let me know if you want to be a member. we are just a little lonely

after how many weeks, i finally finished handsewing hina's juban. i would like to announce my retirement from handsewing. I was super close to running out of pink thread. i just barely made it!

here's some interesting confessions from the DoA confession thread:

"I dont like putting a girl doll next to my boys..
I dont want my boys to be by a beautiful girl so they dont see how old and ugly I am.
whoooo that is stupid in written words but atleast they love me"

YOUKAIMOON, Jan 22, 2015

"I get secretly offended when people say they hate doll breasts because they look fake. Since I have fake boobies myself and I love them."

Bambi Darling, Jan 26, 2015

"I once bought a Migidoll Ell head and I forgot his existence since the time I received him, forgetting about his existence for about, a year or two? While I whined all the time 'Oh I want Migidoll Ell soooo bad!'"

YuuxSan, Mar 29, 2015

"When my partner pisses me off I buy a doll and don' tell him :p"

raewhitewolf, Nov 8, 2015

"And I still can't sleep with my boy out of the box. Something about the dark... "

iamkathybrown, Jun 7, 2017

once in a while i see people accusing (rightfully or unrightfully) others of stealing their html/css. when will this happen to me? never because my entire site is a javascript mess. good luck noobs. but actually good luck because i dont care if you take my code, images, etc. if you can understand it and make it work, you deserve it. the old web was mostly stolen anyway.