just 6 more months until lieselotte (i have nothing interesting to say. dont bother reading this one)

April 22, 2021

glad to hear dai gyakuten saiban is getting localized!! i just realized the only ace attorneys ive played were all shu takumi. maybe i better skip the ones in between

I spent like $2 on this mini smartphone ring light today but i'm not sure how to attach it to my camera... i really dont need it for selfies

Found some interesting threads on DoA today including:

I was thinking about what I would do if I found a recast for $3 in a thrift store. for 3 dollars I'd probably just buy it since no criminal would be profitting from it, but I was thinking maybe taking it to target practice would be fun. ryan thinks I would fall in love with it as soon as i hold it! maybe he's right but that entirely depends on the sculpt. with how many recast minifees are out there i guess its possible

I've already given away a doll I didn't like but it was legit. I'm not sure i'd want to spread even more recasts throughout the community so i'm not even sure id give it away. It probably wont happen anyway so theres no reason to worry about it.

I also think I discovered that my Ryu is modded last night. I'm not sure that was in the sales listing but it's way too late to find it. it's all been deleted by now unless i saved the webpage somewhere. EDIT: I found the saved original sales post and it does not mention any mods on the head. she also claims he's only had one faceup but i found evidence thats most likely not true either

There's also a lot of lieselotte pictures in my old doll pictures folder that i didnt expect. i didn't think i knew about her until in my closet room version, but i must have and just never knew her name