very good thrift store media haul (not clickbait)

April 20, 2022

the hands and feet i ordered from volksusa arrived. I'm having an issue with the feet, but ill get back to you on that once the issue is resolved/unresolved. I did take a good photo if i may say so myself. be sure to post this on your favorite web forum at your earliest convenience

someone with good taste donated recently because goat dam. i went a little nuts but im throwing out all the cd and dvd cases anyway. so many 80s CDs and a movie lover must have died because there were a ton of great DVDs (that we already have). i found a box of CDs and was like "oh H*CK yes"

also just about 30 dvds of train footage?? RIP local train otaku

my pile:

Ryan's pile

my disc drive can read like 50% of CDs for some reason. it makes ripping them a terrible pain.

we walked past the weed store and it was awfully busy. its wednesday so i asked why?? why is everyone getting high on wednesday?? it is an easy to answer question.

are there like any lampworkers/glassblowers around who aren't making bongs? why isnt anyone making glass pens or doll eyes? i dont want a bong!!!! it would be nice to support american artists who do beautiful work but there doesnt seem to be anyone around

on that note, i need to check if i've taken photos to make a chihuly shrine.