April 25, 2022

I went out to take some hanami photos of hina! it was windier than i hoped but hina only fell on her face once. she's fine dont worry. i need a reflector or something next year but maybe it wouldn't help because of the wind anyway

the little arbitrarium was surprisingly full compared to last year. there were a ton of families. one middle eastern couple with a little boy came up and asked to see her and the man even took photos of her! I ran into my manager from work and she thought hina was beautiful ;a;

imagine if she had been my first doll and she fell on her face the first time i brought her outdoor. i would have cried!! 10+ dolls later i pick her up and go "hesus christ hina put yourself together!!"

the thrift store has been really awesome lately for media. we only stopped in for 15 minutes before it closed and found all of these. this is mostly all ryan's! i didnt bring my wallet. I brought hina straight from my photoshoot

omake: draw me like one of your french girls