Are dandelions the work of the devil? Click here to find out more....

May 14, 2022

I know you are all very curious about what I've been doing lately. the answer is: tearing dandelions out of my lawn. my lawn was extremely yellow this year and i've been going back at it every few days and tearing more and more and more out. im like half done!!! there's an INSANE amount of dandelions and i wasnt even able to get them all out before they turned into puffballs!! i hate these d*ng weeds

i added some more pokemon to my pokemon page. my favorite is the darumaka (seen here)! some of them are of variable quality but i think they're all fun. they're all gouache painted. a few of them i made the mistake of using water soluble pens for the lines and they really bled out! its fun though! theyre so goofy

here's a couple quick reviews of some of the CDs ive bought lately. ive been listening to two basically on repeat so there's a lot i dont have much to say about yet

I finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I didn't realize how loosely Bladerunner was based off of it. It's like some chad found the book, took the most socially acceptable cool concepts and some character names out of it, and then threw 90% of the book in the trash. Everything weird in the book is like completely removed from that movie. Also Deckard was very badly cast because he is (probably) not an attractive man.