September 27, 2010

no event hype here. probably my first non impulse buy! i WANTED a ryu so bad!!! i will blame this one on hiritai.

i bought a miho head a while before, but never got a body for it or anything. he was definitely an impluse buy and a "oh that other one is good enough". i dont plan on making that mistake again.

there was some box opening on DoA where they dressed up the box and for some reason i needed to copy that. and i also needed to be edgy and take photos stabbing the box.

he came in a souldoll box with a certificate for a souldoll vito or something. i own 3 CoAs and one of them isnt for a doll i own!

all the pictures after this are my friend at the time holding the head. must have been having too much fun. i cant remember if she came over before or after i opened the box, but she was definitely there that day.